The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to offer the following support to law enforcement agencies, handlers and K-9s


The National Police Dog Foundation assists law enforcement agencies with the funding to purchase the very best K-9s. Currently many K-9s for police service work, are imported from Europe which is the origin of most working breeds.  However after many years of importing excellent bloodlines from Europe, the United States now has the ability to produce dogs of equal quality. One of the many benefits of dogs bred in America is that they do not have to travel the many hours necessary to come to the US, saving them the stress of these long flights.


The initial training of K-9s and related training equipment can be very expensive. Many many hours of hard work goes into training and preparing the K-9s for the many different scenarios they will face in active duty. The National Police Dog Foundation assists law enforcement agencies to ensure that the handlers and K-9s are receiving the very best training and equipment.


The National Police Dog Foundation is committed to assisting law enforcement agencies with the ever-increasing medical care costs for K-9s, both during their years of service and retirement. Most law enforcement agencies do not have a budget for serious medical issues for the K-9s. The National Police Dog Foundation has a network of veterinarians who help assist agencies with both medical emergencies during active duty, and long-term medical care all the way into retirement. Our network of veterinarians include some of the country’s most valued specialists in many varying areas of health care.

Retired K-9 Medical Fund
Most K-9s after active service go home with their handlers. The ongoing medical care for the retired K-9s can be very expensive. The National Police Dog Foundation commends these handlers for their dedication to the K-9s, and is proud to assists in the costs of Medical Care for the retired K-9s.

K-9 Health Insurance Fund
The National Police Dog Foundation in an effort to encourage all law enforcement agencies to get K-9 health insurance for their active K-9 units, has arranged for Petplan to offer a 10%* online discount on Petplan’s health insurance plans when using promo code NPDF10. This discount is available not only to active and retired law enforcement K-9s, but also to the personal dogs and cats of their friends and family. (*discount is 5% in HI and is not available in TN)

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