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Spring 2019 K-9 Health Insurance Fund Grant Application

The National Police Dog Foundation (Foundation) is awarding one hundred (100) 1-year K-9 Health Insurance Grants from its K-9 Health Insurance Fund.

All working K-9s aged 1-4-years-old are eligible to apply including K-9s specializing in scent detection, search & rescue, suspect apprehension, etc.

The following grant restrictions apply:

  • The grants are restricted to Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States
  • The Agency must have an active K-9 unit
  • The K-9s must be on active duty
  • The K-9s must be between one (1) and four (4) years old. (K-9s five (5) and older will not be considered at this time)
  • More than one application per Agency will be accepted, but a maximum of two (2) grants per Agency will be granted.
  • Grant application deadline is March 29th, 2019. No applications will be accepted after this date.
  • Grant recipients will receive notification via email by April 2nd, 2019.
  • K-9 Medical Insurance must be obtained from a Foundation assigned insurance provider.
  • If a K-9 is awarded a grant, but for any reason, the insurance provider rejects the K-9’s application for insurance, the Agency may apply the grant to another K-9 within the same Agency, provided the other K-9 qualifies under the Grant’s rules and regulations and qualifies with the Foundation’s designated insurance provider. If for some reason the Agency’s K-9s cannot qualify under these rules and regulations, the awarded grant will be withdrawn from the Agency and given to another Agency.
  • Application form below must be completed in full.

By applying for this grant, applicants agree that before they can receive the grant, they will be required to complete and sign the rules and regulations of the grant. Failure to complete, sign and agree to the terms of the grant will disqualify the Agency from receiving the grant.

The following grant rules and regulations include, but are not limited to:

  • The Foundation will not disburse grant funds directly to the Agency. The Foundation will pay the insurance provider directly for the policy associated with the receiving Agency’s awarded grant.
  • Agency agrees to send out a Press Release to all local news outlets and media, announcing to the community the receipt of the grant, and the role the Foundation and the K-9 Heath Insurance Fund is making this grant possible.
  • Agency agrees to periodically send updates of special apprehensions, finds, press releases and photos to the Foundation and Assigned Pet Insurance Provider for marketing, press releases, and website usage.
  • Agency agrees to complete, sign and comply with the Foundation’s and the Assigned Pet Insurance Provider’s photo/film model release form.
  • Agency agrees to complete, sign and comply with the Foundation’s grant rules regarding the welfare and general veterinary wellness care, sale/adoption, and retirement of K-9.
  • Agency agrees to supply a letter from the Chief or Sheriff on department letterhead, that they agree to the terms of the grant.
  • Awarded grants must be used to purchase and bind the pet insurance policy within thirty (30) days of the grant being awarded.
  • Agency agrees to comply with the Terms & Conditions of the pet insurance policy including but not limited to annual veterinary wellness examinations.

We welcome and encourage grant applications from all law enforcement agencies in the United States.

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to offer funds and services that support Law Enforcement Agencies, Handlers, and K-9s.

Please complete ALL the questions below and then click the submit button. Please be sure to supply both work and private email addresses to ensure that we can reach you.

Thank you.