K-9 Purchasing Fund

K-9 Purchasing Fund

Deputy Kyle Fuller and K-9 Officer Aries from Uintah, Utah

The National Police Dog Foundation assists law enforcement agencies with funding to purchase the very best K-9s.

Currently, many K-9s for police service work, are imported from Europe which is the origin of most working breeds. However, after many years of importing excellent bloodlines from Europe, the United States now has the ability to produce dogs of equal quality. One of the many benefits of dogs bred in America is that they do not have to travel the many hours necessary to come to the US, saving them the stress of these long flights.

The two most common breeds of K-9s are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.

There are four main uses of police K-9s:
– Sentry and Apprehension: These dogs are used to provide security in sensitive or controlled areas, and for locating and apprehension of a suspect
– Search and Rescue (SAR): These dogs are used to locate suspects and missing people and objects
– Detection OR Explosives: Dogs are used to detect illegal substances OR to detect explosives. Note it is either one or the other.
– Arson: These dogs are used to detect if the possible cause of a fire was arson.

Please help us to assist law enforcement agencies to purchase the very best K-9s to protect and serve.

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