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K-9 Health Insurance Fund

K-9 Health Insurance Fund

Dr. Stacy Hall, DMV – Camino Animal Clinic

In 2017 we launched our K-9 Health Insurance Fund, which was established from an initial donation by Petplan pet insurance. The fund is supported by designated gifts from the public to the National Police Dog Foundation and a $50 donation from Petplan for each new pet insurance policy booked by the public using the campaign code NPDF10 at https://nationalpolicedogfoundation.org/petplan/. Pet parents who use the code can also receive a 10% discount on their new policy.

The purpose of the fund is to offer grants to law enforcement K-9 units, ensuring the continued well-being of the K-9s.

Petplan’s support of the K-9 Health Insurance Fund, and their passion for improving quality of life and access to essential veterinary care for K-9s, is the driving force and the major sponsor of the fund.

For more info about Petplan’s sponsorships with the National Police Dog Foundation, please visit https://nationalpolicedogfoundation.org/petplan/.

2017 – Total Grants – 5:
In 2017 we were only able to offer 5 grants.

2018 – Total Grants – 100:
Thanks to Petplan and your donations, in the Spring of 2018 we were able to offer 50 grants, and then another 50 grants in the Fall of 2018. These grants pay for 12 months of K-9 medical insurance. The grants are limited to 1-4-year-old K-9s. With your support and donations to the fund, it is our hope that the National Police Dog Foundation will be able to keep increasing the number of grants we can offer.

Most law enforcement agencies simply cannot meet their ever-increasing medical costs related to sustaining their K-9 units. The Foundation fills this need thanks to corporate and public donations to its specialized set of funds, that award grants to law enforcement agencies. The grants have become a much-needed resource for these agencies in need, and improve the lives of America’s selfless and courageous K-9 heroes.

Please donate to our K-9 Medical Fund that supports law enforcement departments and their K-9s who selflessly put their lives on the line for us every day.

Click here to donate to the K-9 Health Insurance Fund

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