2018 K-9 Heat Alarm Grant Recipients

The National Police Dog Foundation is very pleased to announce our second round of 12 K-9 Heat Alarm Grant Recipients.

In May 2017, due to an overwhelming concern from our board and our readers who were distressed by the high number of K-9 deaths by heat exhaustion in patrol vehicles, the National Police Dog Foundation initiated our Heat Alarm Fund. We immediately offered and funded five Heat Alarm Grants to law enforcement agencies across the county in 2017.

In July 2018, thanks to a matching donation from Spirit of Blue to our K-9 Heat Alarm Fund, the National Police Dog foundation was able to offer 12 Heat Alarm Grants (that’s more than twice we granted last year) to law enforcement agencies with the hope that we can bring enough awareness to the issue. We hope that one day every K-9 patrol car will be outfitted with these K-9 life-saving devices.

How will the heat alarms help? When temperatures get too hot in the vehicle the Heat Alarms can automatically:

  • activate the patrol car’s siren and light bar
  • roll down the back windows
  • alarms come with dual sensors to average the heat in the vehicle
  • alarms come with hot and cold alerts

The alarms can even be coupled with automatic door openers for a quick release of the K-9, and also contact the handler or on their cell phone for an additional fee.

We welcome and encourage grant applications from all law enforcement agencies in the United States.

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to grant funds and services that support law enforcement agencies, handlers, and K-9s.

Today, August 2nd, 2018 we are pleased to announce the 12 winning recipients of our second round of heat alarm grants:

  • LOCATION: Roseville Police Department, Roseville, Michigan
    HANDLER: James Berlin
    K-9: Chase
  • LOCATION: Cottage Grove Police Department, Cottage Grove, Oregon
    HANDLER: Jarrod Butler
    K-9: Kimber
  • LOCATION: Ottawa County Sheriffs Office, Miami, Oklahoma
    HANDLER: Corbey Christian
    K-9: Scout
  • LOCATION: Middletown Police Department, Middletown, Indiana
    HANDLER: Amanda Kirby
    K-9: Kimbo
  • LOCATION: Commerce ISD Police Department, Commerce, Texas
    HANDLER: Dave Contreras
    K-9: Coco
  • LOCATION: Kings Mountain Police Department, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
    HANDLER: Chris Graham
    K-9: Kubo
  • LOCATION: City of Brownsville Police Department, Brownsville, Texas
    HANDLER: Randy Rivera
    K-9: Rocky
  • LOCATION: Wickenburg Police Department, Wickenburg, Arizona
    HANDLER: Zach La Jeunesse
    K-9: Hiro
  • LOCATION: Dexter Police Department (Maine), Dexter, Maine
    HANDLER: James Roy
    K-9: Zelda
  • LOCATION: Saugerties Police Department, Saugerties,  New York
    HANDLER: Jeremy Rushkoski
    K-9: Max
  • LOCATION: Boulder City Police Department, Boulder City, Nevada
    HANDLER: Tim Shea
    K-9: Luna
  • LOCATION: Rialto Police Department, Rialto, California
    HANDLER: Jarrod Zirkle
    K-9: Boda

Upon hearing about the Foundation’s heat alarm program a private citizen, Norm Shrout, who already gives tens of thousands of dollars to law enforcement K-9s in New Mexico, stepped forward and offered to pay for an alarm for a New Mexico Police K-9 equipped vehicle. The recipient of that alarm is:

  • LOCATION: Village of Milan Police Department, Milan, New Mexico
    HANDLER: Arnold Galindo-Noriego
    K-9: Candace

We thank Norm for his generous donation!

Even though we had a short timeline for the grant application, we still received over 50 applications for these 12 grants. The bottom line is many more heat alarms are needed out there, and the K-9 units simply do not have the funds. K-9s are dying from heat exhaustion, and WE NEED YOUR HELP in saving their lives!

The National Police Dog Foundation is proud to grant funds and services that support law enforcement agencies, handlers, and K-9s, but being a volunteer-based foundation, we cannot do this without your help!

To learn more about our Heat Alarm Fund, or to donate, please click on the buttons below.

The K-9s and handlers need your help. Please help save K-9s’ lives by donating below.

Thank you.

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